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Nyani Cultural Village:
village A delightfully authentic cultural experience awaits the visitor at Nyani. This traditional Shangaan village lies near the town of Hoedspruit in the Northern Province and resembles a Shangaan village of some 50 years before. The grandson of the last traditional chief of the area, Axon Khosa, is the host and guide who welcomes and takes visitors around the village. Axon’s family inhabits the village, and visitors have the opportunity to see these people going about their daily chores in much the same way as their ancestors had.
All the huts in the village have been constructed and decorated using traditional methods and materials. This village has not been developed for commercial purposes but is the actual home of the inhabitants. Arrangements with regard to dancing exhibitions and accommodation for groups therefore need to be made well in advance. Groups do stay overnight in the village but some might find the facilities to be too rudimentary. Visitors have to sleep on mattresses on the floor of the huts and there are only cold water facilities.

Guests are welcome to wander around the village and watch people going about their everyday activities. Children run around playing their games while the adults make traps or weave mats from reed and rope from sisal. The women pound mealies / maize in the traditional way and collect wild spinach for their family’s meal.

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